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What are the differences between traditional and modular construction?

In order to start building a house using the traditional method, the investor must go through several stages: from the purchase of a plot of land, through permits and agreements, to work preparing the site for the construction of the house. Before starting construction work, we must obtain the following documents:

  • an excerpt and an excerpt from the local plan,
  • base map and map for design purposes,
  • statements about the possibility of connecting to individual networks or the conditions for connecting to them,
  • decision on development conditions,
  • decision to exclude land from agricultural production,
  • geotechnical opinion,
  • permission to locate an exit from a public road,
  • construction project,
  • executive project,
  • consent to derogation from the regulations (if necessary),
  • building permit or construction notification,
  • log building,
  • construction manager's statement,
  • notice of the commencement of construction works.

In order to be able to live in a modular house, it is not always necessary to decide on a building permit, there is no need to appoint a construction manager and keep a construction log. The investor is obliged to submit a notification, which means:

  • notification of the construction supervision authorities and the designer supervising the compliance of the construction implementation with the design about the intended date of commencement of construction works,


  • geodetic designation of the area, and after construction - presentation of as-built geodetic inventory.

The house construction application must be accompanied by:

  • plot development plan,
  • architectural and construction design,
  • a statement on building a house for your own housing needs,
  • a statement that responsibility for managing the construction site is assumed in the event of failure to appoint a site manager.

Thanks to the simplification of the procedure for reporting the construction of houses up to 70m2, the formalities themselves last about a month, and the construction can start immediately after the notification has been delivered to the architectural and construction administration authority.

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