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ModelSMLXLL-kaSquareRectangleSquare with mezzanineRectangle with mezzanineGlassed square shaped mezzanineM - 42m²Rectangle - 51m²51m² - two-storeyModel C - 51m²Rectangle - 70m²Model Z - 70m²70m² - two-storeyL Shape - 108m²
Gross covered area [m²]17.7521.252528.834.5534.234.5534.234.5534.241.9550.85151.65686868108
Usable area [m²]13.1616.0418.8722.0126.9527.926.841.2540.5541.53341.5169.6740.4256.0355.6794.4186.3
Cost per meter of usable area in €1 0269299278868137858179589741 19399784110558638668711005875
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Up to 30m²
House M

Area: 21 m² Usable area: 15.95 m² Living room with kitchen: 12.26 m² Bathroom: 3.69 m²

Price from: 14 900 €

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House L-shaped

Area: 34.5 m² Usable area: 27.6 m² Living room with kitchen: 17.2 m² Bedroom: 6.1 m² Bathroom: 4.3 m²

Price from: 21 900 €

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With mezzanine
Square shaped house with mezzanine

Area: 34.5 m² Usable floor area: 27.41 m² Living room with kitchen: 16.66 m² Bedroom: 6.75 m² Bathroom: 4 m² Mezzanine: 15.25 m²

Price from: 39 500 €

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Over 35m²
Rectangle 51m²

Area: 51 m² Usable area: 42.25 m² Bedroom: 2 x 6.7 m² Room 3.65 m² Bathroom 3.8 m² Living room + kitchenette: 21.4 m²

Price from: 34 900 €

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About Hocomo

Hocomo houses mean quick implementation, decent price and durability for years. We offer a full personalization of the house, from the frame to the finish. Contact us or configure your house online today!

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